Concierge and Luxury Moving Solutions


Moving homes is a planning marathon. Our luxury moving specialists with years of expertise and experience are out to help you get to that new home. Our services are diverse and broad. The minute you reach out to us, we shall provide a move coordinator who will consult with you along the way. Our services include:


Inventory Documentation

Our trained luxury moving professionals will document your art, antiques, furniture and other household items in our specialized luxury moving software. The software will sort out every piece and arrange it in a database. The database is essential when sorting out insurance services in case of theft and or damage.

Art Removal and Hanging

Art needs careful handling, as it is expensive and sentimental. We provide our personnel with regular training the handling of fine art. On a moving day, we handle art with care as well as hanging in the correct manner and upright position.

Retirement Moving

A time comes for you or your parents to get to a care assisted facility. The transition to the new environment is not an easy one, but the relocation and settling should be the easy part. Our team will help downsize your or their processions, get donations to a preferred charity and handle estate sales.

Over the years, we have built an unrivaled connection, trust, and reliability with our clientele. We are continually improving on moving services and the tradition of excellence since we opened our doors. We are in the luxury moving business where we work to meet your request and not try to dissuade you no matter how unique or challenging.

All-round House Moving Experience


As new opportunities emerge in different locations, moving is becoming a necessity. We offer residential house moving services that cater for all your planning and moving needs. Our trained in-house personnel are professional and diligent in the provision of quality services. We have carried out moving contracts and here are services we provide when you come knocking.


Local and Interstate moving

When upscaling or downsizing to another house in a different neighborhood, we are the company of choice. Trusted by clients over the years, our experienced house moving crew has helped relocate many families in and around the state. Our standard package is pocket-friendly, and our moving consultant will be on hand to discuss the rates and help you in planning for the move.

Cross-country House moving

Our diverse array of recourses enables us to offer cross-country moving. With our twenty-four wheeler trailers, a move across the country is hassle free. We have an in-house moving coordinator to provide professional planning services to facilitate such an immense move.

Cross-border Moving

With our international moving package, we will coordinate the moving of your household items from your house to the new location. A move of such magnitude requires a lot of input and logistics. Internationally accredited we offer moving services and anywhere in the world, we can regard it as a home and so can you.

  • We are always out to deliver exceptional service to our clients. Our additional quality services are
  • The team that packs and loads your items is the same one to unload and if you prefer, unpack into your new house
  • Your items are the only load in our moving trucks
  • We monitor our moving trucks with satellite tracking and communications systems. Monitoring allows us to know where your property is during transit

We are out to give the best service for your money’s worth. Our highly experienced moving crews are always undergoing specialized training to handle new and diverse equipment with delicate technology, which will enhance our service delivery. Our customer care representatives across the country will offer all the house moving support you need.

Transporting Office Items

The process of relocating to a new office or house is complex and this has really led to an increase in the number of moving companies. There is a ton of things that you have to learn if you intend to venture into this industry.

Here are some of the things that you need to know about the moving industry.


Get More Clients

There is a large number of people who are looking for professional movers. This means that your business will actually grow if you manage to ensure that your services are top notch. Nonetheless, you need to work on ways of attracting more and more clients to your circles.

Go Overboard

By going overboard, I do not mean that you should start to break rules. That is actually far from what I want to tell you. You need to come up with a unique way of offering the services so that your business actually stands out from the crowd and you persistently get to where you want to be. For instance, you can come up with a creative way of getting in touch with your clients by posting creative ads on roads and substations.

Finally, you have to make sure that you treat your staff well by making sure that they feel appreciated. You can do this by giving them some gifts as you progress or better yet assign them additional roles for an extra pay.